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Name:Count D (the second)
that an ingenious man
(may have the whole Ark of Noah in his own)
Over twenty years ago, a confrontation between the second Count D and Federal Agent Vesca Howell resulted in the death of the former, and the near-death of the latter. Declared both legally dead and biologically female to account for the child born of his corpse, much of the Count'd groundbreaking work was lost, along with the virus he'd created.

Now the Count has resurfaced, publicly claiming to be a clone programmed with memories stored by unknown means. Freed by his death from the obligation to vengeance, the reborn god has returned to his work as a geneticist, cloning and restoring deceased species. Working against him in his attempt to make a new life are the infamy and obligations of his past, and his own life-long struggle with mental illness.

And of course, the fact that he's begun to age.

[Count D is a spirit of nature and vengeance from Matsuri Akino's Pet Shop of Horrors, and belongs to Ms. Akino. Maggie Q belongs to herself. No profit is being made, mun and muse are well over eighteen.]
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